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Who Am I?

We are not competitors. We are not strangers. we are working for ourselves. Let’s be friends. To know about me read below about me section. If you like follow me on instagram and Twitter.


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About ME

HELLO, My name is Manoj, I am an introverted type of person. Therefore you need to accept me as your friend to know about me haha lol. Ok, let’s start. I completed a Diploma in Mechanical Engg and worked in a company for 1 year. And I felt like I am not enjoying the process. I always wanted to become an Entrepreneur. That was my ultimate dream. Mainly I dream of working in a startup based on the offline or online market. Well started Blogging when I was in a job because I always love writing, Used to write in Diary in school times and In Sites now. And continuing it by dropping my job.. I am from Karnataka Age 22.

Ok, it’s almost a short introduction about me. You can follow me on Twitter for my strange and crazy tweets. So follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you. SHUBA DINA.

You can reach me for any details through this email :