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What Is ESCN Meaning In IPL Cricket From RCB Fans 2023

    While scrolling Instagram or Twitter you may get to see ESCN or Hashtag ESCN in comment sections and in social media posts related to cricket. And wondered What Is ESCN Meaning In IPL and why they are posting this? Don’t worry here are ESCN meaning in every language

    What Is ESCN Meaning In IPL

    ESCN is the short form of Ee Sala Cup Namde (In the Kannada Language) Translation in English is This time Cup Is Ours.

    But it’s not just a word or slogan for RCB fans. It means a lot for RCB fans especially Kannadigas and also others. To know those feelings read this article written by the craziest fan of RCB.

    ESCN Word Used In IPLMeaning and Details
    ESCN Full FormEe Sala Cup Namde
    ESCN meaning In EnglishThis time Cup Is Ours
    ESCN in Kannadaಈ ಸಲ ಕಪ್ ನಮ್ಮದೇ
    ESCN in Hindi
    इस बार कप हमारा है
    ESCN language usedKannada, the native language of Karnataka and Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka.

    ESCN Is Not Just A Slogan Of Fans

    We have completed 14 seasons of Indian Premier League And Royal Challengers Bangalore never won a cup in IPL. But fans of RCB never lost hope. ESCN is the hope and a strengthening word that indicates we will never lose hope of winning.

    RCB is emotion escn

    To be honest, RCB is the toughest team in IPL. The team has world-class players if we talk about season 13 RCB has AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli, Aaron Finch, Dale Steyn, Chris Morris. But We have 0 Cups.

    Yes, we have zero cups with us. Are we sad? Yes, being a fan and supporter we get disappointed when we lose the matches. But Do we lost hope? NO, Never.

    That’s What ESCN means we never lose hope with players, we never lose hope with the team, and we never abused any players for performance. But we come up strongly every year to support RCB saying ESCN.

    IPL Season 15 Update (LATEST)

    This season we are much stronger in every face Glen maxwell is in a good form, Rajat Patidar played well in the qualifier. Hasaranga is doing really good with his performance and we are doing really well in batting and bowling. Harshal Patel is doing a great job in the death overs with his magic bowling and of course, our VK and Finisher Dinesh Karthik are a strength of the team.

    We have reached the qualifier this season and waiting for the team to lift a cup. And yes, would like to say E SALA CUP NAMDE.

    escn maxi n harshal

    RCB And Their Loyal Fans

    Every team has its loyal supporter and fans. I may see biased here but not only according to me but according to many experts, RCB has loyal fans. They never lost hope of winning.

    The great thing about RCB fans is they never abuse teams or players. However, they do healthy criticism for fun and memes. Even in the losing time, RCB fan’s support will not be reduced.

    ESCN Meaning In Chat And Posts

    ESCN meaning in RCB according to royal challengers Bangalore fans are mentioned above of this article. ESCN Meaning In Chat is used to support the RCB team and to showcase the feeling that we will win this year’s IPL trophy.

    Hey You Know What? Ee Sala Cup Namde

    Virat Kohli Saying ESCN

    You can see Kohli’s opinion on the ESCN slogan. He talked about RCB fans and their support in the interview with the press.

    Royal Challengers Bangalore Players Saying ESCN

    Below is the video of RCB team players saying ESCN with full josh in the field.

    ESCN Memes (RCB)

    Here are some of the memes of ESCN. These memes are not been created by me and the credit to those pages is given below the image. do check them for more amazing memes.

    ESCN new meme
    escn meme kannada
    credit – diploma haiklu insta
    escn english memes
    credit – troller hudugi insta
    escn memes

    Funny Tweets Of ESCN

    Below are some of the creative and famous tweets posted on Twitter.

    Royal Challengers Bangalore Performance In IPL

    RCB has never won IPL trophy. But finished runners-up on three seasons in 2009, 2011 and 2016. RCB performance is every season is listed below.

    2008410Seventh in league stage
    200997Third in league stage
    201078Fourth in league stage
    2011106First in league stage
    201287Fifth in league stage
    201397Fifth in league stage
    201459Seventh in league stage
    201586Third in league stage
    201697Second in league stage
    2017310Eighth in league stage
    201868Sixth in league stage
    201958Eighth in league stage
    202077Fourth in league stage
    202195Fourth in league stage

    Its 2021 now and a new season of IPL is going on. And RCB in playoffs Again my lips saying ESCN.

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    Final Words – ESCN Meaning In IPL

    I hope you liked this complete article on What Is ESCN Means In IPL From RCB Fans. If you are a fan of RCB keep supporting one day will be ours. and if you are a fan of another team nothing to say we respect everyone keep supporting your team and enjoy every bit of a life. If you have any doubts or queries you can comment below. I will reply with my opinion or answer to that. Thanks for reading.

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