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What is ATM Card, Debit Card And Credit Card And Their Difference

    We need to know the technology that we use in daily life. Many people use technology in day to day life, but they don’t know the actual usage and meaning of any products. At some point, they get confused while using on different things this article What is ATM Card Debit Card And Credit Card helps to solve your confusions on atm card credit or debit cards.

    Even my mother owns a card and she doesn’t know which card she owns and where that is useful. One day she tried to use that card on Amazon for ordering the product, in payment gateway she had no idea about which card she is using. Though I helped her and she ordered the product at the end.

    All cards

    So it’s important to know What is ATM Card, Debit Card, And Credit Card. And Their Difference and uses in daily life.

    What Is ATM Card And Where To Use

    An ATM card is a simple plastic card that is used only to withdraw money from ATM. The main function of this card is to withdraw money from the ATM. These cards do not contain any logo like Rupay, Master card, or Visa on it. Using this card we can also check the remaining balance in our account by requesting the mini statement.

    We can use this card for any digital payments like for example payment in the Amazon, Flipkart, and other shopping websites.

    Pros And Cons

    • Helps in Withdraw of ATM money
    • 24*7 money removing with active ATM
    • Cant use in online payment
    • Not available for digital payment

    What Is Debit Card And Where It is Used

    Many people use this card in day to day life. These cards also used to withdraw money from ATM rather than this we can use this card to make digital payment. These cards are used in online gateways for payment for example on Amazon, Flipkart, and other websites. We can enable money removal alert from bank to debit card.

    These cards contain logos like Rupay, Master card or Visa, or other logos on it.

    Pros And Cons of Debit Card

    • Easy to use and withdraw money
    • Used in online payment
    • Can enable notification on money removal
    • easily linked to any UPI payments
    • Using this cards in other banks costs extra charges

    What Is Credit Card And Where To Use

    The credit card is something different from the above two cards in paying the procedure. In terms of look, it looks like the same as other cards, but the function is totally different. Using these cards we can borrow money from a particular bank and pay them after a particular time. These cards are normally not with many common people there are some criteria to avail of this card.

    Pros And Cons of Credit Card

    • We can buy things even if we don’t have money with us but need to pay later.
    • These are accepted in almost all places and safer to use.
    • We can also get reward using this card
    • Penalty for not paying in particular time becomes huge tension
    • If we are not careful we will spend in unwanted things thinking can pay them later

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    Video on What is ATM Card, Debit Card And Credit Card And Their Difference.

    In the below video the difference between ATM Card, Credit card, and Debit card is provided with videos and pictures. Make sure to check them for a better explanation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the common questions related to What is ATM Card, Debit Card And Credit Card, And Their Difference. Click on the plus icon to get an answer.

    Which card, can I use to order products on Amazon or Flipkart?

    You can use a debit card or credit card to order in amazon

    What is the minimum age to have a debit card?

    You need be 18 years old to have a youth debt card.

    Can we spend a large amount if we have a credit card?

    No, there will be a credit limit that defines your limit of money to spend.

    Can we change debit card pin?

    Yes for sure, You can change pin with the help of ATM machines or the official app of your bank

    Final Words With Conclusion On What is ATM Card Debit Card And Credit Card

    However, I hope after reading this article you get a clear knowledge of What is ATM Card Debit Card And Credit Card and use it in daily life. If you have any doubts and queries please mention it in the comment section below.

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