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Useful And Must Have Apps For YouTubers

YouTube is a video uploading and entertaining site which everyone loves. If you are a creator in YouTube and new to this field, this article Top 6 Useful And Must Have Apps For Youtubers In 2020 will help you to create and manage your YouTube Chanel to gain success.

The apps I mentioned below are being personally used by me and these are my personal favorite apps for android to manage my Chanel. I have written their details and complete uses hope it will help you to grow your YouTube channel.

Useful And Must Have Apps For YouTubers

1. YouTube Studio :-

This app is a most important and very useful app that mostly everyone uses. Due to wide application this app is placed at number one in our list. After uploading the video through your YouTube app or website further all the processes like adding keywords, descriptions reading comments are done through this app. YouTube studio is an first app in our list of useful And Must Have apps For YouTubers.

Youtube useful apps 1

Uses And Features of YouTube Studio:-

  • You can easily read and reply to the comments.
  • Analytics can be checked easily like real-time views, revenue, etc.
  • Title, Description, privacy can be edited easily.
  • We can add the tags related to our video in the video section.
  • We will get a notification on new comments through this application.

2. KineMaster – Video Editor

Kine master is a powerful video editor for android. I personally edit my video’s through kine-master application.This app is easy to use and can make a professional type video using this application. Youtube useful apps 2

Uses And Features of KineMaster – Video Editor

  • Easy to use compared to other video editing apps.
  • Simple interface that allows users to learn easily.
  • Exporting video up-to 4K is supported.
  • Trimming of the video is easily done using this app.
  • Adding the required music or voice can be done perfectly.
  • The layer option allows us to add multiple photos or videos or a file.
  • Easy to apply the filter.
  • Built-in Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers
  • A Voice changing option is available in the KineMaster application.

3. PixelLab

Pixel lab allows you to design a beautiful and attractive thumbnail for your video. This app is mostly used by many people and the best app for YouTubers. The variety of fonts and colors makes this app special. we can draw a 3D text easily using this application. The interface of this app is so clean that on the first day you can master this app. It offers many features like opacity, stroke, 3d rotate, shadow edit, emboss, etc.

Youtube useful apps 3

Uses And Features of PixelLab

  • Simple and easy interface.
  • Easy to use the application, we can add unlimited text on photos.
  • Best and good looking thumbnail creator for YouTube.
  • Also adding overly of text or image is possible.
  • Good looking and beautiful fonts make photos look cool and easily readable.
  • Easy to use compared to other photo editing apps.
  • Setting image size through one click makes the app unique.
  • Making photos transparent type makes the app useful to produce PNG type photos.

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4. Tag You

However, tag you is a powerful application that helps creators to do the keyword research, to check the top tags of today and many more special features. We can check the tags from other videos by entering the URL of the video and many more useful features made me add this app to this list.

Youtube useful apps 4

Uses And Features of Tag You

  • Simple and easy interface that helps creator to use easily.
  • Helps to find the keyword for the video.
  • Helps to add the tags to boost the video suggest.
  • Easy to use compared to other keyword researching apps.
  • Provides tags from video by entering the video URL.

5.AZ Screen recorder

Youtube useful apps 5

People who make videos in mobile and uploads in YouTube, mostly use mobile screen to explain with the process to do that you need to have a good screen recorder which capture your mobile screen with good quality. AZ screen recorder allows you to capture the videos with capturing sound and without enabling water mark. It comes with many more awesome features as mentioned below.

Uses And Features of AZ Screen recorder

  • Free to use and simple in the interface.
  • Record audio simultaneously.
  • Also allowed to show or hide a camera of mobile.
  • Easy to record compared to other screen recording application.
  • Special is no time limit and no watermark.
  • AZ screen recorder allows recording in HD and Full HD videos.
  • We can pause and resume while recording.

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6. Open Camera

open camera

A good camera application matters while recording the footage in mobile. Open camera allows users to more customization and stable photo to click. I used to record videos through this app for my YouTube videos. Give a try on this you will be definitely surprised to see the results. Open camera is a last app in our list of Useful And Must Have Apps For YouTubers.

Uses And Features of open camera application

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Enabled auto stabilization so the results will be in highly accurate and good quality.
  • It also supports screen modes, color effects, white balance, screen flash etc.
  • Easy to record videos compared to other camera apps.
  • panorama for front camera also available.

Why These Applications are Useful And Must Have Apps For YouTubers?

However, good and quality content matters in YouTube ranking. And viewers like to watch quality content. As the competition increased we have to provide great content to the viewers. All the above-mentioned applications are personally used by me and have a good experience on all of the above applications.

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Final Words-With Conclusion

I hope these Useful And Must Have Apps For YouTubers will help you to insincere your efficiency and make more content and gain success. If you liked this article make sure to share it with your friends. if you need any more help from my side feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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