Ion Internet Plans And Review Is It Best Broadband In 2022?

People have changed their living lifestyle and the Internet plays a major role in our life nowadays. So it had become an essential thing now in 2022. So to choose the best broadband I have written Ion Internet Plans And its Review.

ion internet review

Honestly You cant find many details about ion Internet reviews online. There is the reason for that I on is not that big internet service provider. But they are not small too.

I have tried to write honest reviews and details about ion broadband service by collecting details from friends and the online public domains.

Ion Internet Plans

When you are into selecting the best broadband service provider the first thing you check is their plans. That’s the main thing to consider and for that, you check their official website.

But here, in this case, I don’t know why I can’t find ion plans from their official website. Their website has no details about the broadband plans. Although you can find Ion broadband plans on google with different details.

Maybe the reason for this is they have a different plan structure for different cities. But they have to mention that with plans on their website but you cant find it. And a big disappointment in this case.

However, there are many images on Ion Internet Plans unofficially. I have added some of them below. You can check them to get a rough idea of their plans.

ion plans broadband
Ion Internet Plans

Ion Broadband Review

Well, I have not purchased I-on broadband personally but I have done small research on them. I have read all the post, Quora reviews, and YouTube reviews on them.

ion broadband review

According to the above knowledge, I am writing my honest Ion Broadband Review. Ok, let me tell you you can’t decide about their service by seeing their bad review on some social media. There are also a lot of satisfied customers.

What I think is their service and quality is different from cities to city. I saw some best reviewers saying the good things about them too. I feel they have great cheap and affordable plans for customers but their service is not good in some cities.

If you see the above i-on plans image you can find the best deals in that. And also their connection is stable and offers a good speed. The only drawback is their service in some cities.

Can I Choose Ion Broadband Or Not?

The answer to this is to do some research. If their service is available in your cities that means there are people who use their broadband in your near area. Go there and ask about their service and stableness. You can check the speed test too.

After doing small research you will come to know whether to use it or not. What I heard is their broadband speed and stableness is competitively good compare to other service providers.

Ion Broadband Bangalore Review

However, I got some details about Ion Broadband from one of my friends who lives in Bangalore. According to him, he had no problem with the internet.

Ion Internet Speed

Ion Internet Speed

Well, what I came to know is Ion provides a great speed in their plans. And many times you will get the speed as mentioned. And also their speed is constant and you will not face any problem with it. This review may vary in your place.

Ion Internet Rating

However, when I asked to give a rating from my friend he gave a 6 of 10.

Pros And Cons Of Ion Internet

Below are some of the pros and cons of Ion Internet.

  • Affordable plans
  • Stable speed
  • Equal upload and downloads speed
  • Available unlimited plans
  • Customer support
  • No details about plans in official website
  • Negative comments about service
  • Not available in many cities

Ion Internet Recharge

Ion has its own app you can do Ion Internet Recharge from there. It can be used for Android OS 2.3 and later. You can find your plan details and recharge option there download their app from the below link.

Ion Internet App

You can also pay an Ion broadband Recharge from paytm through below link.

Frequently Asked Question On Ion Broadband

1) Who Is Ion Internet Owner

Rajesh Sharma is the CEO of Ion.

2) How To login In Ion Broadband

You can login through this link.

3) How to file a complaint in Ion Internet

You can file a complaint through their official app.

4) How to get a new connection

Book a connection from their official website to get a new connection.

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Final Words With Conclusion

I hope you liked this detailed Ion Internet Plans And Review. If you have any doubts regarding this comment below. However, I hope this article helped you to clear all the doubts about Ion internet plans. Thanks for reading.

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  1. They are the worst Internet provider on this Earth.
    How can a company fail on so many counts ? Every time I click on WiFi Button on Phone I m Praying

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