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How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card in 2022 All Steps

If you are purchasing something from an online shopping website like Amazon for the first time. And have no idea about How To Order in Amazon Using Debit Card, Credit card, or ATM Card then you are at the right place. In this article, I have covered all the procedures with step by step to complete your first order easily.

How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card

In this article, I have explained step by step with the screenshot from which card to choose to till guide on how you can receive your product. And helps to complete your first successful order from Amazon through amazon payment debit card.

Must Know Before Ordering:- Which Card To Use And Know What is ATM Card, Debit Card, And Credit Card?

Normally Debit Card and Credit card is used to buy from online shopping websites. If you are unable to identify which card you have? You can read this article What is ATM Card, Debit Card And Credit Card And Their Difference.

Step 1: Log in To Amazon Shopping Site

Open an Amazon app or website and create an account. You can find the Amazon official app from google play store for android mobile. Otherwise, visit the Amazon official website.

  • Click on the sign-in button if you have an Amazon account. Or else create an account by simply clicking on create an account.
  • To create an account, you need to enter your name, mobile number, and password. And verify the mobile number.
  • After creating the account just click on login after that login with the same mobile number and password.

Step 2: Shop What You Want And Buy Or Add To Cart.

Once you login to Amazon after that you can shop anything you want. Search the product name in the top search bar for example – mobile, mouse, Redmi note 8.

Be wise while shopping and choose the right product for you to avoid getting the wrong products.

  • Click on the item or the product which you wish to buy.
  • Chose the color and variant if available. For example, a mobile color like black, green. and variants like 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM.
  • Don’t miss to read the review of the product mentioned below of every product.
  • Click on add to cart or buy now options.
    • Cart: Basically a cart is a place where we can keep multiple things and buy at once. Use add to cart to buy 2 products to do that click on the first product and add it to cart and similarly search the second product and add it to cart. Click on the checkout to order the things present in the cart.
    • Buy Now: If you want to purchase a single item, simply press on the buy now option.

Note: Next You may be asked to give Address details or choose a payment method. You can fill which is asked. I have mentioned the below details on both.

Step 3: Select a delivery address

After selecting buy now or checkout option further you need to provide address details such as full name, pin code, landmark and other details. They will reach you and give the parcel to this address.

  • Enter your full name at the top section.
  • Enter the mobile number which is active and with you.
  • Provide your area Pincode.
  • After that, you need to provide a Flat and House no or Building, Company, Apartment or any other particular address. No need to worry about it just provide a home address or any address like a place details. You can use the google map to find your location name.
  • Similarly, provide an area name and street name here also you can use google maps to find the details.
  • Further, give landmark details it means any place which can be identified easily or famous place or anything that’s near your address. For example, school name, Company name, or anything like this.
  • Further, provide a town or city name here also you can use google map if you are not familiar with it.
  • At last, enter the state name.
  • In Additional Address, select the type of time, which is comfortable for you to receive the product.
  • Click on the continue option after providing all the details.
  • Select the standard delivery and click on continue. You will be directed to the payment option.

Step 4: Select a Payment Method And Enter Card Details To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card

Click on Add Debit/Credit/ATM Card to order At Amazon Using Debit Cards.

Add Name On Card in the first bracket (you can find a name on the card in your debit card shown in below image)

After that add the card number. The card number is present on the front side of the debit card. (The card number is highlighted on the below image.)

Select Expiry month (Expiry MM). It is written as valid up to in the card

Select the expiry year of your card by clicking on it. The above image also shows the expiry year of the card similarly enter your expiry year.

After this enter the CVV of your card. CVV of your card is present on the backside of your debit card. Enter the three-digit number. The below image shows the location of CVV.

Once you entered CVV and other details, click on add your card.

For a quick reference, this below image shows all the details of the debit card.

After this, you will see your card added with your bank name with expiry month and year.

Once again, enter the CVV and click on the continue option.

Chose the billing address. No need to add anything, just click on use this address option.

Then you will land on a page where you will get all your details of the order such as shipping address, price, product details. Click on the place your order and pay option.

Step 5: Payment Process From Bank

After completing all the above process you will land on the bank confirmation page. Here you need to enter the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your mobile number which is registered with the card or particular bank account.

Enter the OTP (One Time Password) and click on the Submit button.

After that, you will land on a page where it’s written as your order is placed or else you will revive a confirmation message from Amazon. Which means you order products successfully from Amazon.

To order in Amazon official app or website Click here.

What To Do After Completing my First order From Amazon?

However, after successfully placing your order just relax you will receive an order with a given time.

You can check the details such as tracking details, date of receiving and many more details of your order from Your Order section.

Video Guide On How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card

Also, check the below video on How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card to know more about this in detail.

Video guide on How To Order In Amazon Using Debit Card Video

Frequently Asked Questions On This Topic

You may have some questions related to this such as details on delivery, canceling of the item, OTP, and many things. However, I have answered some common questions.

How can I check and track my product?

You can easily track your product from clicking on YOUR ORDER section

Can I cancel the product after the payment?

Yes, you can cancel even after paying the money within some period. The money will be received in the bank account, but it takes a long time like a week or more.

How will I revive my money back if I cancel it?

The money will be received in the bank account, but it takes a long time like a week or more.

Do I need to have a debit card when the delivery boy comes to deliver the product?

No need of card after completing the payment.

How will the delivery boy reach me?

The respected guy will reach the address given by you and he will call you to the number provided by you while ordering.

What to do if I need more information related to my product or payment details?

Call amazon customer care from the official app for more details regarding your product.

Bonus Tip:- Consider This Steps Before Buying In Amazon

When you are buying online for the first time you need to consider some really important points to get a genuine and worthy product to deliver to your home. I hope these below steps will help you to convert your first order a great deal.

  • Always read reviews before buying the product. Make sure the review is from genuine customer.
  • Check images in the review section. Many times you may see different appearence after product deliveried. So watch the images posted by customer who bought it earlier.
  • Dont use public wifi while making payment this may be threat to security.
  • Check the price in different reputed websites you may fiund some really good deal on another platforms.
  • Check the return or refund policy you may need this in future.

These are the some basic information to know before ordering. I hope it heled you.

Conclusion And Final Words

I hope this article helped you to order your first product from Amazon through an amazon pay debit card. Thank you for reading. If you have any doubts or queries related to this comment below I will definitely try to help you regarding this.

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