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How To Make Status Bar And Notch Look Beautiful 2022

Are you bored with your existing status bar? If yes then this article How To Make Status Bar And Notch Look Beautiful will completely change the design and look of your mobile status bar and notch with simple steps.

How To Make Status Bar And Notch Look Beautiful app

People do like changes in the look of the phone. What most people do is they keep changing their mobile wallpaper. This time let’s think out of the box with me this mighty techy trick will enhance the look of your mobile by changing and updating the existing status bar and notch.

How to Change The Design Of The Existing Status Bar And Notch

Well, using a simple application you can completely change the look of your device with one click. The app mentioned below not only help you to put some color on your status bar, But It also comes with some built-in feathers. Such as changing the design of the status bar and updating the status bar with GIF videos and many more.

The feathers and other information related to this android application are listed below. make sure to check them.

How to Set Up The Application Status Bar And Notch

Download the application form the above button. Setting up the application is simple and easy because the app comes with a simple and easy interface.

  • Open the application and turn on the app by enabling the button provided.
  • you will be asked to give permission to run the application. Provide them with turning on the overlay permission.
  • You can set up the height of your mobile status bar from status bar height.
  • Below that you will see the bunch of options to use, use them according to your taste.
  • You can change even the notch size from there.
  • Don’t forget to check the Gif option there, I hope that will not disappoint you.

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Features And use Of The Application

  1. Eay to use and setup.
  2. Don’t need to provide unwanted permission.
  3. Easily adjustable status bar height option.
  4. A large collection of frames.
  5. We can also change the size and style of the notch.
  6. We can set up a captured photo too.
  7. And the main and the best feather is a collection of GIFs to use which looks amazing when applied.

Author Review And Rating Of This Application

Well I know that this app is will not bring a big difference but It will make some amazing difference. You can use this app and I personally loved this app because of some amazing GIFs collection which makes the device look cute.

Conclusion With Final Words On This Article

I hope you liked the information provided on How To Make Status Bar And Notch Look Beautiful. Share the article with your loved ones. Comment below if you want to discuss anything.

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