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How To Create And Design Home In Mobile

    Are you planning to build your dream house and worried about the final result? If yes, then this article How To Create And Design Home In Mobile using the best home build app will help you.

    In this article, I have explained with step to step guide with pictures to help you to create your dream house or office project in 3D.

    best home building app floor plan creator

    Even my new house is in construction and started building 7 months ago. I personally used this free android application Floor Plan Creator to build my house so that I can see the actual outcome.

    Why To Design Home Model Before Construction

    Building a beautiful house according to our needs is not an easy work. People do hire some experts to guide them. In many cases, people don’t like to spend more money on extra things and prefer to build within their guidance.

    This application will help you to build your beautiful house easily.

    Read this article till the end so that you can also build your house according to your needs.

    Step 1: Download Floor Plan Creator From Playstore.

    To create your house planing in mobile firstly download the app from the play store. However, you can download this app from the play store for free.

    Step 2: Start Creating Your House With These Simple Steps

    • Firstly click on the plus (+) icon to start designing the house
    • Now you will see a floor plan creator interface to design your beautiful house
    • According to your needs and create a design the house using the tools available.

    Step 3: Use The Tools Available In Floor plan Creator To Create And Design Home In Mobile

    However, it’s not that hard to design in this application. Simply drag and drop the things or shapes on the blank place.

    Drag the square option to a blank place to build the base of the house.

    Create a complete house according to your plan with tools such as an L shape, wall, stairs, Landing Etc.

    Click on the 3D option to view your project in the third dimension view.

    Select the level and click on add to create multiple floors easily. After that, view it in 3D to check the result.

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    Step 4: Adding Basic Structure To House Project

    Click on the expand button (structure) as shown in the below image to add the basic structure of the house. You can use the structure like doors and windows, electrical items, kitchen items and many more.

    Simply drag and drop the structure in the place where you want. For Example, if you want to add the chair go to general and drag the chair and place it in the place where you wish to keep.

    Check the help section if you need more in-depth details to build your house using floor plan creator. Click on the project to change the exterior wall thickness. Go to the setting to change the unit and other settings related to this application.

    What After Completing The Successful design Of House In Floor Plan Creator Android Application

    Once you have completed designing your dream house check and verify how it actually looks and analyze the things which make ugly and plan to correct it. Many people build their dream house and feel bad after completing it. I hope you will not be on that list because now you know how it’s going to look.

    However, after totally completing the project you can share your project with your friends and relatives with PDF document to use this you need to have a full version.

    To Whom And Where This Application is Useful?

    Anyone who would like to design their project can use this application. But for large scale design, these are not recommended. However, you can use this to design and check the output of your dream house or small office.

    Conclusion On Foor Plan Creator Android Application

    Floor plan creator is a free application that offers many powerful tools to design a home using an android mobile. However to share our project we need to purchase the full version.

    Hope this article How To Create And Design Home In Mobile helped you to design your dream project. However, if you have any doubts regarding this application you can comment below. I wish you build your beautiful house and complete your dream project.

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