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Convert Texts From Other Languages To Kannada Easily

Do you have a problem with reading and understanding other languages? If yes this article Convert Texts From Other Languages To Kannada will solve your problem easily. Using these simple tricks you can easily read translated words within a second.

Convert Texts From Other Languages To Kannada Easily

How TO Convert Texts From English To Kannada Easily

First of all, this trick is not only applicable to a single language. You can make use of this app in multiple language translations. for example, you can convert texts from English to Kannada, Hindi to Kannada and many other languages with just one click from an android phone.

Best Application To Translate Any Other Language to the Kannada Language.

The application we used to translate the unknown language to Kannada is Tranit Application. We can download this app from the play store for free.

You can download the application easily from the above button. According to me its the best translator which works almost accurately and in usage.

How to setup And Use The Application

Well, it’s an easy process to set up the application. once the installation is complete we need to provide some permission. Once permission like draw over other apps and accessibility is provided just click on the ON button in the app that will make the app start working.

Below the ON/OFF button we will see a two language t select. In the foreign section select the language which you want to translate and in the original section select the one in which language you want to see the translated words.

Once everything is done we will get to see the floating button on the side of our mobile screen. Basically the floating bubble is movable and just drag them on the text which you want to convert. It will convert the text to the required language within a second.

Video Guide To Set Up And Use In Kannada

Here is a video guide on How To Convert Texts From Other Languages To Kannada Easily In the Kannada Language.

Features And use Of The Application

  • The application is free to use.
  • Easy to download and simple in the interface.
  • availability of a large number of collections of languages.
  • Quick translation.
  • Usable in everywhere like Whatsapp, chrome, etc.
  • The collection of translation and automatic language detection is also a great feature of this android application.

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Author Review And Rating Of This Application

However, the app works fine and easy to use. But the translation is what actually matters in these types of applications. I know free apps cant offer you the 100% meaningful translation but this app is not that bad. The app worked fine and I am using this application from lang time and have a good experience.

Final Words With Conclusion.

I hope you liked this application and it helped you. If this article helped you share this article with your family and friends. If you have any doubts regarding this application please comment down below.

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