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Claim Warranty On Corsair Power Supply

Here are the steps to Claim Warranty On Corsair Power Supply that you can follow. We mostly buy Corsair products for our new computers or other electronic gadgets.

I had built my gaming computer before 5 months, which included the Corsair power supply unit (VS 550, 3500 INR) bought from Amazon. To be honest, this corsair product is excellent and sufficient for my computer.

After 4 months suddenly it stopped working. usually, corsair products come with a long term warranty like 2 to 5 years, depending on price. I had no idea about how to claim a warranty on corsair power supply in India.

Finally after researching and finding a solution I wrote my experience on how I claimed a warranty on the corsair power supply within 10 days from the corsair service center, Hope it will be useful to you also so read it till the end.

Corsair Power supply warranty claiming in India

About Corsair Warranty India

  1. Corsair company provides a warranty for its products, starting from the day of purchase from an authorized Corsair re-seller.
  2. The product should be damage free, Without physical damage and water damage to claim warranty on the corsair power supply.
  3. Also, the warranty period will be different for specific products. We can check the warranty period from the product package or the place where we bought it.
  4. Clearly, the warranty period is non-transferable strictly.
  5. you should have an original receipt or warranty card to claim a warranty on the corsair power supply.
  6. Also, make sure the safety sticker is not broken and the product in good condition.

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Steps To Claim Corsair Warranty In India

Below are the steps that you can follow to fixt your corsair product in India.

  • Kaizen handles the service of corsair products so you need to reach them.
  • Go to Kaizen Infoserve contact website and find the office near your city.
  • Call them and confirm the address.
  • You can physically visit them with a product or you can also courier them.
  • Before doing courier make sure they accept couriers.
  • Add bill receipt from amazon in the package and send them.
  • You will receive the message from kaizen on receive confirmation.
  • If you don’t get a confirmation message then call and confirm.
  • They will fix the product and give you to the same address.

How I Fixed My Corsair VS 550 Power Supply With Warranty

corsair warranty
Claim Warranty On Corsair Power Supply

As I stated above, my Corsair power supply unit was in a warranty period and it needs to be repaired. I started searching for corsair warranty India service centers near me, I didn’t find any shop written as a corsair service center.

Finally, I wrote corsair and searched in google map and found the companies named as ”Kaizen Infoserve Pvt Ltd ”in Bangalore which fixed my power supply unit for free with warranty.

I think these are the 3rd part vendors (not sure) they make service of corsair products. Kaizen handles the service of corsair products you can reach the near kaizen shop and fix them.

Address of service center (Kaizen Infoserve Pvt Ltd) where I fixed.

Express New City Complex, Unit #1, Third Floor, #13, NR Road, Bengaluru, 560002 Karnatka

My Experience in service center (Kaizen).

As it was (Kaizen Infoserve Pvt Ltd – Bangalore) far from my home, I asked them by calling the number given in google map. That will they receive my corsair power supply unit in courier and they said yes.

And I did the courier of the corsair power supply unit with amazon bill and they provided a new corsair power supply unit within 12 days and they did return the courier to the same address as stated during doing the courier.

Review on Corsair service center.

They did the work perfectly, Communicated politely but they take a long time to provide the product. Below I mentioned good things and bad things about their service.

Good thing
  • Accepts couriers and returns with courier service
  • Politely speaking in the phone
  • Good response whenever called
Bad Thing
  • Takes a long time to repair like 10 to 13 days
  • Their branch is less and only available in major cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days the corsair service center takes to repair my product?

It depends from place to place. In my case, they took 12 days.

Do they accept if we send in courier service?

Yes, They do accept, but you need to cross-check before sending.

Will they accept the product if it’s physically damaged?

No in most cases, if components get damaged. But try your luck.

How many years my corsair components have a warranty?

It depends on what model you have. You can check from above or from where you brought.

What if I bought from Amazon?

No problem at all, You just need a bill receipt. Even my corsair power supply is bought from amazon.

Conclusion On Claim Warranty On Corsair Power Supply

However, I claimed a warranty on my corsair power supply easily with a corsair warranty India. I hope it will help you and even you can also fix your power supply by visiting the near kaizen shop. I hope I solved all your questions and doubts. If you have any queries, feel free to post below I will try to help you.

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