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Best Broadband Internet Providers In Bangalore

Bangalore is a leading information technology city in India. It consists of many internet users compared to other cities. There are many internet services providing companies in Bangalore. This article will help you to choose the Best Broadband Internet Providers In Bangalore with plans and reviews.

Best Broadband Internet Service Providers In Bangalore

There are many internet providers like Airtel, ACT, Hathway, Ion, and many more. You need to select the Best Broadband Internet Providers In Bangalore based on service offered by them like plans, speed, and according to your usage.

However, I have reviewed 4 internet providers in Bangalore based on my experience and by gathering my friend’s experience. This article contains a review of 5 best internet providers in Bangalore based on my opinion, there may be better options available in your place choose accordingly.

1. ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies)

ACT internet providers are one of the best internet service providers in considering other networks because of their service and stable connection. Even I use act internet in my home for my personal use. The act may be or may not be suitable for you because of its price and FUP limit.

Plans And Speed Of ACT Internet 2021:-

act plans in Bangalore
act plans in Bangalore

ACT offers and variety of great plans for its customers, but their plans are costly when we compare to other networks because of its FUP limit.

They offer a wonderful internet speed even in basic plans. The good thing is their speed is stable and they offer a great and quick service.

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  • Offers stable connection
  • Good Internet speed
  • Good service
  • Plans are costly
  • Contains FUP limit

2. I-ON broadband

Ion Fibernet is also considered as budget-friendly and best wifi providers Because of their plans. However, ion comes with unlimited plans even for the basic price.

They do provide a good service, but I have heard some of the reviews where Ion is bad in service to them. Check-in near your places if anybody uses ion internet and collect some information before buying.

Plans And Speed Of Ion Internet:-

internet plan ion

Plans of Ion are not costly and offers good speed at a cheap price in Bangalore. Taxes may apply to plans.

Depending on the place you live in choose the available plans for your need and use. The speed of the Ion broadband is stable and good at the price of the fiber net.

Check the pros and cons of ion broadband.

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  • Plans are not costly
  • Offers stable internet
  • provides a truly unlimited plan for even in low-cost plans
  • plans are not clearly mentioned on their websites. It’s hard to find their plans on the official Ion site.

3. Tikona Broadband

Tikona is also a name made internet provider in Bangalore, they offer a good internet connection. These providers are not like other networks because Tikona offers a wireless connection to the house.

However, the plans of Tikona are listed below and they are very cheap compared to other networks and considered as one of the Best Broadband Internet Providers In Bangalore.

Similarly, there are some drawbacks in Tikona broadband their upload speed is very less. For people like streamers, YouTubers and those who upload data on the internet will get annoyed with these issues.

Speed And plans of Tiokona broadband in Bangalore

Cost and speed of Tikona internet are provided below

Best Broadband Internet Service Providers In Bangalore Tikona plan
Tikona plan in Bangalore
Tikona plan in Bangalore

There are many different plans available for users in Tikona to choose from. However, select according to the use and needs.

The speed of Tikona is acceptable and stable to use.

Below are the pros and cons of Tikona internet.

  • Variety of available plans
  • Prices are not costly
  • No Fair usage limit in many plans even for a low price
  • Upload speed is very less
  • limited computers can be connected at ones.
  • wireless connection is also the main disadvantage for computer gamers.

4. Hathway Broadband Internet In Bangalore

Hathway is an excellent digital cable provider similarly they provide a good internet in India. When we talk about their service they provide a good service. But problem-solving is may be delayed or not satisfactory.

Considering the price they don’t provide many lists of plans but plans are cheap and acceptable.

Plans and Speed offered by Hathway broadband in Bangalore.

Hathway broadband gives 100 GB and 150 GB plans for a very cheap price with maximum data. In addition to problems like the break off the cable and other problems are very less which is a good thing.

The speed of the Hathway is not stable and many with heavy fluctuation in internet speed.

Hathway plan in Bangalore Best Broadband Internet Service Providers In Bangalore
  • Available of great budget plans
  • High-speed internet
  • Heavy vary in internet speed
  • Choices on plans are very less.

Final Conclusion On Best Broadband Internet Providers In Bangalore.

However, there are other internet providers in Bangalore like Airtel broadband, You broadband, and many others. You can even choose them if they fit your needs.

However, the above mentioned all the provider’s reviews are according to my experience and may vary from place to place. Chose wisely.

I hope this article helped you if you have any doubts regarding Best Broadband Internet Providers In Bangalore you can comment below.

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