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Best Apps For CNC VMC And HMC Operators

There are plenty of free apps available in the google play store which makes life easier in many ways. In this article, I have collected 4 best apps for CNC VMC and HMC operators which helps in many ways for their work. All the below apps are available for free in play store and are the best apps for mechanical workers and considers the best machine shop apps for who work in computer numerical control machines.


This application is seriously the best and must-have application for all CNC HMC and VMC operators. This application offers plenty of options to calculate all types of data. And also, the CNC Master app provides the option to calculate cutting speeds, RPM, feed, and much more useful data mentioned below.

Functions And Features Of CNC MASTER

  • Calculating of cycle time is the main function of this application.
  • Needed calculation on round, groove, screw is being calculated through CNC turning.
  • Also, all types of heat treatment data are provided like carburizing, induction hardening, nitriding, soft nitriding.
  • All types of surface treatment details are provided with plating height, Vickers hardness.
  • The cutting speed calculation for milling and turning are also calculated through this application.
  • We can also calculate RPM and Feed.
  • Weight calculation is done through this app.
  • The detailed table on geometric tolerance is given.
  • Additionally Explained on surface roughness.
  • All types of tap and their drill diameter can be calculated.
  • Mentioned all Fanuc alarm and their short reviews are being given.
  • G Code and M Code are also available on this app.
  • In addition, Master Cam shortcut keys are provided in this app.

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This app is another Best Apps For CNC VMC And HMC Operators which provides many important details on mechanical engineering things. Easy to use and simple interface with many functions we can also consider this app as the best machine shop apps for CNC workers.

Functions And Features Of CNC VMC

  • It contains a beautiful thread chart.
  • It also Contains a beautiful metric thread chart.
  • Feed and RPM can also be calculated using this application.
  • We can also calculate Inch to MM using this application.
  • The rate of the material is also available.
  • Different symbols of mechanical drawings are available
  • This app also contains a sheet gauge list.
  • With the drawing Machine surface grade with roughness symbol listed on this application
  • Different types of tools used in a machine shop are also provided with their dimensions
  • Different types of machines like lathe, milling are listed with their specification on this application

3. CNC Tools

CNC tools are also another important Fanuc CNC programming apps and best app for CNC VMC and HMC operators. It comes with a simple and easy to use interface. An operator can calculate cutting data and many more using this application.

Functions And Features Of CNC Tools

  • We can calculate cutting data for milling through this app.
  • We can also calculate cutting data for Turning through this app.
  • Cutting data for drilling can be calculated through this app.
  • Thread calculations calculated through this application.

4. Mastercam Community

Mastercam is a professional software to do modeling and program for a CNC machine. This app comes with many information and community support to master cam users, but We need to login to access many great features.

Functions And Features Of Mastercam Community

  • YouTube videos are provided on this app
  • Additionally, we can download a quick reference guide of Mastercam 2020 using this app
  • Also, Drill and tap chart listed in inside this app
  • The radial chip thinning calculator is another special feature.
  • It also contains a dynamic calculator.
  • Can access many solutions on milling, turning, and others.

How These Machine Shop Apps Are Useful

Above all CNC apps come with many built-in features that enable the production of the worker and saves many times. Many complicated calculations which are difficult to calculate through human beings, but easily done with this application. Many information that is hard to remember is available with one click.

Reason To Use This App for CNC VMC And HMC Operators

  • All the above apps are free and available in the play store for android.
  • Using these apps saves a lot of time.
  • The simple and accurate calculation for CNC machines

Final Word With Conclusion

This article Best Apps For CNC VMC And HMC Operators are definitely helpful to all the mechanical workers who work on CNC machines. Hope this article helped you so much. You can share these amazing applications with your friends. If you find any doubts make sure you write it in a comment section I will try to help you.

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