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Act Internet In Bangalore – Plans, Speed Full Review 2022

Act internet in Bangalore is one of the famous internet service providers in Bangalore. But you need to know about many things before choosing the right internet for your home, business or office.

There are many internet service providers in Bangalore like Tikona, Airtel, You Broadband, Ion Broadband, Hathway, etc. In this blog, I made a complete review of Act Internet Plans, Speed, Cost, Service, etc.

Act Plans in Bangalore Bangalore (without GST)

Here is the Act Plans in Bangalore to you to know act Bangalore plans. You can also check them from the official act website.

act plans in Bangalore
act plans in Bangalore

Act Internet Upload And Download Speed In Bangalore

According to my experience act offers a static and good speed compared to other networks. However, when I did the act speed test I got approximately mentioned speed in the ACT plan.

And another good thing is they have equal upload and download speed. You can stream any games through this network without any lags and buffers. Uploading a large file also carried out easily without any problems. Totally Act doesn’t make you disappoint in its speed.

Pros And Cons Of Act Internet In Bangalore

Below are the some of the pros and cons of act internet in Bangalore.

  • Good speed and stable performance.
  • Awesome customer support.
  • Easy in managing the statistics and usage through an official act app.
  • Equal upload and download speed.
  • Plans are costly compared to other networks.
  • They take 3 to 5 days to give you a new connection.
  • They don’t provide fully unlimited plans without FUP limit.

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My Answer For Common Questions You Have

1. How is tech support OF ACT internet and how to contact them if I face any problem after installation?

Tech support of ACT internet is quite good they resolve your problems as soon as possible. You can contact them by their official app named act fiber net.

2.How many days needed to install a new connection to my home?

It depends from place to place, but they take usually 3 to 6 days.

3.Do they offer a router?

Yes, They do offer a router according to your chosen plan. You need to pay extra money for that if it’s not free. You can also buy the best router from Amazon.

4.Do we need to pay an installation charge?

Its totally depends from your plan you can check from their official site.

5.How to get a new connection?

You need to register on their official website. They will call you within 2 days and guide you completely throughout the process.

Act Bangalore Customer Care Number

If you want the contact of act Bangalore customer care or act Bangalore customer care number. As much I know you need to go to act Fibernet app and just click on the complaint and raise a complaint. After raising the complaint we get a simple SMS there you will see the act Bangalore customer care number you can call from there and talk with them.

My Suggestions And Experienced Review On Act Internet In Bangalore

Everyone loves high-speed internet and the Act does not disappoint you in this case. Still, some drawbacks make people not choose Act like their prices are very high compared to other networks. And they do not provide unlimited data which is the worst thing in Act Fiber net in Bangalore.

The FUP limit makes people limit their usage. They provide an equal upload and download speed still sometimes you get a speed drop while using it. If your main priority is the speed you can choose ACT fiber net in Bangalore. For a gamer who wants to stream you can go through it. The speeds are excellent, But on the other side, you need to consider the data consumption too if you choose a cheap plan.

Final Words-With Conclusion

I hope I solved all your questions related to the Act Internet in Bangalore. Still, if you found any queries, feel free to type in the comment section below. I will try to help you with the best possible ways.

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