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30 Best Business Ideas In Villages And Rural Areas In 2022

Are you thinking to start the new business? If yes then this article 30 Best Business Ideas In Villages And Rural Areas In 2022 will help you to choose or find the best business idea in Rural areas.

30 Best Business Ideas In Villages
Table Of Content – 30 Best Business Ideas

How To Select The Best Bussiness Idea

Before selecting the best business idea you need to consider the below points. The below points will help you to select the best idea which suits you.

  • It should solve the problem Of others.
  • The low competition will help to grow easily.
  • Consider the trend and trending business ideas.
  • Select the one which is not in your village.
  • You should have a focus on the business not on earning.
  • Select the one which will work for the long term.

List of 30 Best Business Ideas To Do In Villages And Rural Areas

Below are the best business ideas in India that can be run with low investment.

Note; Below mentioned margins, the minimum investment may vary from place to place or with other rules.

1. Drinking Water Bottle Manufacturing Bussiness In Small Scale

Drinking Water Bottle Manufacturing Business

The water business is the speed growing business. Well, you need to spend more money to set up a big plant. But you can also set up on a small scale without costly machines. To do this you need to buy water from the RO plant and sell with bottles.

Minimum Place Required150 sq.ft
Minimum Investment {Bottel capping and label machine}25000 INR
  • High Profit
  • All-time active bussiness
  • Need More Invest To Do Big plant
  • High Competition

2. Vegetables Shop Or Grocery Shop

Best business India

If you want to start a business in village you can start a new vegetable retail shop in your city. Yes, vegetable shops have a high margin and one of the best business ideas in villages. You can even distribute them with hotels and earn more money and sales.

Minimum Place Required150 sq. ft
Margin15-30 %
Minimum Investment {Weighing scale, shop, billing machine}20000 INR
  • High Margin
  • Low Investment
  • High profit
  • High Competition
  • Suitable for villages due to digital grocery apps

3. Mobile Canteen Or Cooking on Vehicle

cooking business in India

In a crowded place, the best business Idea with profit is the mobile canteen. You can run this business in your city or villages. You can do breakfast, snacks, small hotels, and serve them for the people. I can say that the mobile canteen is the less risky business idea to do.

What To serveBreakfast, Meals, Fast food, Mini Hotel
Investment OnVehicle, Cooking Items
minimum Investment10,000 INR (vehicle not included)
  • High Profit
  • No Rent And Advance
  • Daily earning
  • Specialized in cooking
  • Hard work at the begining

4. Food Hotels – Best Bussiness Idea In India

Food Hotels

Apart from the fast Hotel, you can also set up a small food hotel in the village areas. You need to provide good tasty food and great service to be successful.

In this bushiness computation doesn’t matters tasty food matters.

Investment onCooking Items, Shop
TypesLunch, Dinner
minimum Investment50,000 INR
  • High Profit
  • Evergreen Bussiness
  • Need Specialized cooks
  • starting investment for workers

5. Snacks And Food Manufacturing Bussiness

new business plan in india

Snacks and food manufacturing is also one of the business ideas in the village. you can manufacture daily consumption of snacks and food and sell them in the shop. You will get a high margin and profit in this business.

Investment onCooking place and instruments
TypesDaily consumption food
minimum investmentYou can also start with 5000 INR
  • Daily moving items
  • High profit
  • Can start with low investment
  • Starting sale problem

6. Vegetable Farming – Plant Vegetables

Vegetable Farming

If you have a small place in your village you can utilize them and plant vegetables. You can earn a high profit with this business in India. you can directly sell to the customer or you can sell them with the distributors.

You can also sell them with a hotels near by you and earn more profit.

Investment onNo need special investment
Minimum investment100 rs for seeds
TypesAll vegetabels
  • High Profit
  • Very less investment
  • easy sale
  • You should have a required amount of water for plants

7. Open Franchise Of A Big Companys

business with no idea

opening the franchise is also another best business with no idea. Here marketing and other things will be managed by the partnered company. Profits will be shared by the company and you. you can open the franchise of Nandini, Amul, Courier company, etc.

Investment onShop, infrastructure,
Minimum investment Varies
ExampleNandini, Amul
  • Already branded
  • No need to advertise
  • Loan facility available
  • Profits are shared

8. Rice Mill – Small Bussiness Idea

rice mill

Rice mill is also one of the best rural business ideas. You only need customers to be successful. You can buy the small rice milling machine and set up in your village.

Investment onShop and Machine
Minimum investment15000
TypeRice mill and other

9. Card Printings – Marriage And Bussiness Card Printing

new business plan in India

You can start this business if you want a new business plan in India you can have a good profit and sales too. here competition is less compared to other businesses.

Investment onprinting machine
Minimum investment1 lacks
  • Competition is very less
  • High profit
  • Need a good market place

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10. Medical Store Bussiness

Medical Store Business

You can also build a new medical store in your village or near the hospital. you can also make a tie-up with the hospital. To run the medical store you should hire one worker who done B.Pharma, D.Pharma, M.Pharma studied workers in your shop its diploma in pharmaceuticals 2-year course.

TypeMedical store
Investment onShop and medicine
  • Evergreen
  • high margin
  • High investment

11. Hardware Shop

Hardware Shop

If you don’t have any hardware shop in your village you built it. You will get a high margin on this product also. You can sale hardware items for house building, plumbing items, etc.

Investment onHardware Items
minimum Investment100000 INR
TypesHardware items plumbing items
  • High margin
  • Good profit
  • High risk

12. DJ And Arrangement Bussiness

30 Best Business Ideas In Villages And Rural Areas In 2022

Well, the DJ business is one of the highly profitable businesses especially in village areas this business has a high demand. You can provide service in marriage and any event in your place.

You can also set up a service like an event organizing and tent serving business side by side.

minimum Investment2 lack INR
Investment OnSpeakers and instruments
Work to attaindMarriage and any event
  • High profit
  • one time invest
  • High investment needed to be successful

13. Stationary Shop Bussiness -Best Business Ideas In Villages

Stationary Shop Business

Stationery shop means you need to keep the shop where daily moving or fast-moving products are stored. These products also have a great margin and it is the best evergreen business to do.

minimum Investment50000 INR
Investment OnProducts
Margin10 to 30 %
  • High margin
  • High Profit
  • Need good place

14. Provisional Stores Bussiness in India

Provisional Stores Business

Provisional stores in a village are one of the evergreen business ideas in villages. You can keep daily usable items like sugar, paste, Colgate, and many items that provide a good margin. you can easily earn high profits by doing this business.

minimum Investment50000 INR
Investment OnItems and products
Margin10 to 30 %
  • High margin
  • good profit
  • High competation

15. Paper Bag And Items Manufacturing Bussiness In India

Paper Bag And Items Manufacturing Bussiness

Well, nowadays paper manufacturing business is one of the best business ideas to become rich. As we all know use of plastic covers is banned from government and the best alternative for plastic is papers. you can start this business on a low scale at the beginning and improve it later.

minimum Investment1 lakh INR
Reasonrenewable and nature friendly
Where to saleNear stores at begining
  • Easy marketable
  • Positive market
  • Renewabel
  • High investment

16. Soap Manufacturing Business

30 Best Business Ideas In Villages And Rural Areas In 2022

Bath soap business is one of the best business industry. You and your business will grow definitely from this business. It can also be started with low investment in small scale.

minimum Investment10000 INR
RequirermentNear shops
RequirermentSoap base, mould etc.
  • High margin
  • high profit
  • Sales are lightly difficult

17. Gift Shops Best Low Investment Business

Gift Shops

Gift and other fancy shop businesses are also one of the best business ideas in India. Here the margin is high and profit is also high. the only thing is the shop placement. We can place these shops near the wedding area and shool etc.

minimum Investment25000 INR
RequirementsItems and products
Margin10 to 20%
  • High profit
  • Good for rural area
  • Need to search the best suitable place.

18. BarberShop – All-Time Profitable Business

essential service business idea

Barbershop Business is also an essential service business idea you can set up the shop and keep the person who does the work also. As it is an essential service earning will high which means profit also high.

minimum Investment1 lacks INR
TypeEssential service
  • Essential service
  • Must have shop
  • Need to invest a high amount at the begining

19. Beauty Parlor – Best Business Idea For women

Beauty Parlor

Beauty parlor is one of the best business ideas for women. If you are a woman and trying to build your business you can go with this. You can earn a high amount in this business.

minimum Investment1 lackh INR
RequirementsShop and beauty product
  • Best business idea for ladies
  • High profit
  • Need to invest large money at the beginning

20. Mobile Repair Shop – High Demand Business Idea

30 Best Business Ideas In Villages And Rural Areas In 2022

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and of course, that may get a problem in day to day usage. You can set up a mobile shop in your village and earn money it is also the best business idea in villages.

minimum Investment50000 INR
RequirementsShop and repair items
  • Evergreen idea
  • High profit
  • Need expertise in repairing product

21. Electrical And Electronics Sale Shop

Electrical And Electronics Sale Shop

If you are searching for the high margin business this will make your search complete. On the sale of electronic items, we can easily get a high margin and thus profit. You can start this business in villages.

minimum Investment1 lack INR
RequirementsElectronic items
MarginUpto 30%
  • We can get High margin Easily
  • Most profitable bussines
  • Need large investment at the begining

22. Mechanical Garage Shop – Best Business Ideas In Villages

Mechanical Garage Shop

If you know the work of mechanic you can easily earn in lacks for a month its also the best business ideas in villages. To set up this business you should know the work well to impress the customers.

minimum Investment1 lack
RequirementsShop and items
  • High profit
  • And its also an evergreen bussiness
  • Need high investment
  • Need to be expertized worker

23. Hotels And Restaurant – High Profitability Business For Men And Women.

Hotels And Restaurant

Start the hotel in your city serve them good food and become a businessman. Hotel and restaurant business is one of the best high profit business which will work for sure. The only thing is you need to have a well-known cook to produce tasty food.

minimum Investment50000
TypeFood serving
  • High profit
  • Evergreen business idea
  • High competition
  • Need specialized cook.

24. Fruit Juice Shop – Best Business Ideas In Villages

Fruit Juice Shop

In a crowded place like Bazar healthy fruit juice shop will make magic. Especially in the summer seasons. People like to stay healthy and drink healthy. fruit juice is very tasty and also healthy in the same way. Building the fruit juice shop will also make you rich because it is also one of the best business ideas in villages that can be tried.

minimum Investment50,000 INR
RequirementsShop, mixer, items
  • High profit
  • Healthy product
  • Great sale in summer
  • Need crowded place

25. Shoe Sandal shop -Best Business Ideas In Villages

Shoe Sandal

Shoe Sandal shop is the Best Business Ideas In Villages because there are mainly 2 reasons one is you will get a high margin when compare to other businesses. The second one is this idea will work in village areas where they don’t buy shoe sandals from online shopping mainly they focus on the offline market.

You can utilize this and set up your business. you can also, make a tie-up with the school and give them shoes for students and make more sales and profits.

minimum Investment50000 INR
RequirementsShop and shoe and sandal stock
Margin20 to 40 %
  • Up to 40% margin and even more also
  • High profit
  • Evergreen in someway
  • Need to provide a high quality
  • Competitions are also high.

26. Clothing Shops – High Margin Business Idea

Clothing Shops

If you implement this shop with the latest and large-quality collection of cloths you can easily succeed in this field. Cloth business also provides you a good margin and needs and requirements are also high for this business.

minimum Investment1 lacks
RequirementsShop and cloth collection
MarginUp to 40%

  • High margin
  • Good requirement
  • high demand
  • Need starting investment

27. Setup A Petrol Bunk In Your City

Setup A Petrol Bunk

You can earn a high amount with business, but you need to do a high investment to set up this business. License and investment costs are high and profits are also high in this business.

minimum InvestmentNeed high investment and may vary too
RequirementsRoadside space and money
TypeFilling bunk
  • once you set up you can earn in this field
  • High market need
  • Initial cost is high

28. Start A Tile Business

Start A Tile Business

Whether it is a village or a city nowadays people spend more money on home decoration. Tiles are the best decoration for home and it’s used in a wide range in the house. You can build the shop and keep a collection of tiles in a wide range and earn money easily.

minimum Investment2 lacks
Invest onShop and tiles collection
MarginUp to 30%
  • Easy job
  • One time investment
  • Less fear of loss
  • Need high investment in the beggining

29. Fertilizer Production Business

Fertilizer Production Business

Farmers purchase fertilizers from the city with a high cost. Now you can build a small manufacturing unit and produce fertilizer. you will get a sale in your village and you can also sell it in nearby villages too.

Minimum investmentVaries according to type
Investment onUnit
  • High profitable
  • high requirement and demand
  • Quality should be high
  • Should invest more money

30. Food Delivery Business

Food Deliver Business

Yes, big brands like Zomato and Swiggy only deliver foods in cities. you can make a food delivery service in your village. You can also start it with the calling system and make it to the website further.

Minimum investmentonly on Bike
Why it is?No competaion
  • Literally no competitions in villages
  • You can start with zero investment too.
  • Marketing is difficult

What After Selecting the Business

Business is not easy work you need to work hard and struggle at the beginning. You need to focus on surviving in the market and focus on the quality product or service. You need to register your company before starting the business properly.

Select a good and loyal team in your business if it is necessary. Maintain the XL sheet for your company. and follow the below point too.

  • Keep innovating
  • Focus on quality mainly
  • Give a good service
  • Maintain a good relationship with the customers

Online Bussiness Idea To Earn From Home

Yes, you can also earn money online by doing the work wit the mobile or computer. You need to have internet service and a device to earn money online. Below are some ideas to earn money online.

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing

Below video has a full guide on how to earn money online.

How To Run Business Successfully With low Investment

If you have a low investment still you can start the business. Learn and do bootstrap. Reinvest the profit. And follow the below point to sustain in the business with profit.

  • Reinvest the profit
  • Control on expenditure
  • Reduce the money flow
  • Work hard

Final words with Conclusion On Business Ideas In Villages

I hope this article 30 Best Business Ideas In Villages And Rural Areas In 2022 helped you to choose the best business idea in India. I wish you good luck in the carrier and in this field. if you have any doubts and queries comment them below.

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